I joined the University Paul Sabatier Toulouse III and the Geosciences Environment Toulouse group (GET) in December 2016 for an associate professor position.

I graduated with a PhD from the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland) in 2007, with a thesis focused on upper mantle shear zones. After my PhD, I took a post-doctoral position at Géosciences Montpellier (CNRS, France). I then moved to Curtin University (Perth, Australia) in 2010, and joined the CCFS (ARC center of excellence core to crust fluid systems) in 2011. I Left Australia in 2013, to be back in Europe where I joined the University of Lausanne for a researcher position granted by an Ambizione Swiss National Science Fondation (SNSF) project.

I am specialized in the pretrology, microstructure and geochemistry of the ultramafic rocks, such as mantle rocks and more recently Martian meteorites. The principal objectives of my work are to explore the relationships between deformation mechanisms, geochemical variation and reactive fluid/melt transport to decipher the mantle processes leading to the initialisation of shearing.